Dialogue between Uematsu and Amano 9/21/1992

AMANO: It's interesting how children like my kids, who don't seem to be interested in music at all, like to go to musical concerts based on video games.
AMANO: And they're listening to game music, even while studying. That's why they acquire a sense of melody. Knowing melody is an important thing. Knowing a melody will eventually lead them into orchestra, pulling them into orchestra, and pulling them into a wider variety of music.
UEMATSU: Kids who are not interested in music may like a certain song in a game, and may eventually begin to like the music itself.
AMANO: Yes, and when devices such as the Famicom put graphics, sound, and text into one, everything seems to be like a scene from a movie. It's like the chocobo theme, for example, where the image of a chocobo comes into your head immediately.
UEMATSU: Don't you think it will nice if, like, kids in elementary school now would group up as college students and talk about Final Fantasy, remembering a small part of their childhood?
AMANO: It's possible it would happen. There's no doubt that such a series like Final Fantasy has the effect to stick in one's head.
UEMATSU: Yeah, like: "La la la~. Do you remember this song?" "Oh, hey, it's the FF1 city theme, isn't it?"